Andy James – “In the Mood: Spotlight” Interview

In this interview, we chat to photographer, Andy James who shows us his beautiful photography, shares his love for the outdoors and also offers some helpful advice on the business side of photography for those just starting out in their careers.



Location Photographer, Andy James

Welcome to “In the Mood: Spotlight”, Andy!

Tell me something about where you live

I live on the outskirts of Manchester in the UK. I seem to have a busy eclectic kind of life where two workdays are never the same, just the way I like it. I work from home as a full time location photographer.

The Long Walk Home

‘The Long Walk Home’ by Andy James

What inspires you most to take photos? 

The overdraft lol, but seriously being a full time photographer the production of hi quality images is genuinely a passion with a goal to giving the client the best possible service and quality for their money.
Also my inspiration can be driven by something I see in every day life, like a street scene or nice light falling on a subject.

A Calm Day

‘A Calm Day’ by Andy James

Can you tell me something about your “In the Mood: Featured” work? 

It’s a beautiful location Derwent Water, Friars Crag in the English Lake District its so peaceful and full of good memories, I just keep going back again and again. I find a great deal of solace here and love nothing more than a quiet walk or just to sit and listen to the bird song, it really is a great place to recharge your batteries.


‘Serenity’ by Andy James

Which image in your portfolio has received the most response? What do people like most about it?

I think it is an image called Aira Force waterfall, a bridge with a waterfall passing down into a small gorge oh and there is a rainbow in there as well. If you ever get a chance you should go and see it, it really is beautiful but take a coat there’s lots of water spray.
I think people like it because its different, it has charm and maybe it is just a little different than other waterfalls shots.

Aira Force Waterfall

‘Aira Force Waterfall’ by Andy James

 What do you enjoy the most about taking photos?

That split second and moment in time that has been frozen with the challenge to make that shot your own.

I’ve worked in some of the largest studios with high levels of pressure to finish your work on time, then move onto the next job. This was always completed but never to the expense of quality, to supply a quality product was always my goal and it is this that I enjoy the most.


‘Welding’ by Andy James

How important is photography to you?

It really is my life blood, aside from the financial aspect, it keeps the mind turning over trying to reinvent the wheel again and again but maybe coming up with a different view or be creatively different.

What do you look for most in a piece of art or photography?

Ideally something different or original, but always something that appeals to me. Some art will genuinely make your mouth open wide in wonder, this is what I strive for in my images. Hopefully some of my images will have that effect and maybe inspire others to create something special.

Must Finish the Book

‘Must Finish the Book’ by Andy James

Apart from photography, what other interests do you have? 

I walk a lot, love to go camping. I have always been an outdoor kind of person. I did some climbing and skiing but had to put that off after an injury to my leg but I’m mostly over that. Have just started diving a little so I do try to keep busy in my free time.

Do you have any advice for photographers that are just starting out?

Be true to yourself, if your intending to make a business out of photography/art research your genre. Get a variety of work/clients it’s amazing how much one area of photography will go quiet but another will be buoyant.
Make a business plan, so many people in the photography business forget this it just amazes me. You really do need to be a great business person as well as a fantastic photographer/artist. It’s a sobering thought that most people I know from photographic college are no longer in business. keep a real eye on your cost and most of all make money.

Thank you so much for being interviewed for “In the Mood: Spotlight”! Do you have a website where we can see more of your work?

Its been a pleasure you can see more of my work on



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